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1. The purpose of this online Mock Test is to help participants assess how well they are prepared for the actual Test conducted by National Stock Exchange (NSE) as part of the certification program of The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) for distributors and employees of mutual funds
2. This is a Mock Test, not in lieu of the actual AMFI Test. By passing this Mock Test, the participants are not certified
3. The actual questions in the AMFI Test as well as the pattern could be different from the Mock Test
4. ABMML gives no guarantee or assurance that participants who pass this Mock Test would pass the actual AMFI Test conducted by NSE
5. In the Mock Test, answers to various questions are valid as on the date ISIN hosted them on the website. Participants are requested to keep themselves updated on changes
6. The answers to the question bank are valid as on May 2006
7. I have read and understood the disclaimers and would like to take this Mock Test